Summer Seconds Sale – page 1

Due to the popularity of our last seconds sale we are having a summer sale of some more seconds that we found in our book store and that have built up since our last sale.

The books come under 3 categories based on condition and or printing flaws:
25% off
50% off
75% off

Over time we accumulate a number of books with slight damage caused in transit (such as dents to the spine or corners of the covers), as well as books with slight production flaws (such as marks on covers, photo plates in the wrong place, or the edges of pages and end papers slightly stuck together).
We feel it would be a shame for these copies to be destroyed and would rather make them available at discounted rates. We have graded the books and are offering them at a range of discounts on the usual cover price varying from 25% off for near perfect books and 50% off and 75% off for books with a little more damage etc. In all cases the books have nothing missing from the text or photographic content and are perfectly readable.
The books are listed with the relevant discount on the cover price and the price you will pay for the book displayed. Shipping will be at our normal rates which will be displayed in the shopping cart.
Please note that all discounted copies will be stamped in a front page to indicate that the book was sold as a second.

PLEASE NOTE: In the last sale the books went very quickly so if you try to buy a book and the shopping cart reports the book you have selected is out of stock that will be the case and is not an error.

The books listed for sale will have between 1 – 13 copies available

Under the Witching Tree

Special Edition

£35.00 plus shipping

For shipping information click here

Sale price 25% off £26.25

Sale price 50% off £17.50

The Devil’s Plantation

Standard Hardback Edition

£27.00 plus shipping

For shipping information click here

Sale price 25% off £20.25

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