The Art

A Grimoire of
Traditional Witchcraft

Following on from
The Willow Path – Witchcraft, Hermetics & The Hidden Wisdom of the Magical Arts
Horns of the Moon – Techniques in Traditional Magical Arts

We present to you here The Art – A Grimoire of Traditional Witchcraft


“I Call the serpent of the land,
Awake, arise from your stead,
By dragons red and white,
By crow, by toad, by leaping hare,
Awake in me O serpent’s breath!”

Witchcraft and magic have been with humanity from our beginning.  Beyond all that we as a species are, these have remained because they work.  And because they work, Traditional Witchcraft remains vital today.

This is the third in the Geassa series of books, a compendium of techniques rooted in Traditional Witchcraft that combine ancient pagan, Hermetic and cunning folk teachings into a powerful system of practical magic.  Detailed rituals, spells, and formulae are presented including:

  • Summoning the Serpent’s Breath in preparation for ritual.
  • House spirits & protective magic.
  • A detailed list of planetary and zodiacal sigils, seals and the spirits involved.
  • Traditional talismans & amulets for a variety of uses.
  • Mirror magic – including mirrors of revealing, enchanting & repelling.
  • Scrying & Crystal Gazing.
  • The Art of Fascination & the Glamour.
  • Candle & Cord magic in Traditional Witchcraft.
  • Necromancy – the art of summoning the dead.
  • Prosperity magic.
  • Seasonal and Full Moon Rituals.
  • A listing of different incantations, Words of Power and much more.

Fully documented, including over ninety illustrations, this book gives in depth instruction into the techniques of practical Traditional Witchcraft.

Available in the following editions:

Paperback Edition: To follow

Standard Hardback Edition: a charcoal case binding with copper foil blocking to cover & spine, 90gsm cream paper stock, red endpapers, with red head and tail bands.

Special Edition: a limited edition of 125 hand-numbered examples, bound in red cloth, with copper foil blocking to the front and spine, 90gsm cream paper stock, black endpapers, with black and white head and tail bands.

Fine Edition: A hand bound edition of bound in burgundy goat leather with gold foil blocking on the leather to the front and spine, housed in a fully lined black library buckram blind embossed slip case.

Size: All sizes – Royal 234 x 156mm.

Pagination: 342 pages, 90gsm cream paper stock, plus 12 pages of black and white photographic plates, plus line drawings and figures by the author.

Chapter One – Weaving the Willow
Chapter Two – Dragon, Cauldron, Cloak & Star
Chapter Three – Spirit on the Hearth 
Chapter Four – Setting the Wards
Chapter Five – Watchers of the Night
Chapter Six – The Secret Seal
Chapter Seven – Through the Looking Glass
Chapter Eight – Mist and Glamour
Chapter Nine – Candle and Cord
Chapter Ten – Footsteps in the Night
Chapter Eleven – Salt and Iron
Chapter Twelve – Horn and Stone
Chapter Thirteen – Full Moon Ritual
Chapter Fourteen – Spokes and Flame
Chapter Fifteen – Between Hand and Foot
Chapter Sixteen – Invocations, Charms and Words of Power
Conclusion – The Lady and The Falcon

Paperback Edition

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Standard Hardback Edition

Please note: this edition is now sold out, but we will shortly have stock available of the new Dust Jacketed Hardback edition of this book. We are introducing these editions as a replacement for our foil blocked Standard Hardbacks. We will be continuing with our Special Limited Edition books for future releases.

Special Edition

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Fine Edition

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