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We are an independent publisher specialising in the traditions of operative magic, ceremonial occultism, witchcraft, regional folklore and custom. Our books are presented in formats ranging from unlimited paperbacks to limited edition fine bindings.

Introducing Troy Esoterica; our new outlet for esoteric arts and artefacts including the new talismanic jewellery range by Gemma Gary, and other ritual and magical items and ephemera…..

New Title:


The Willow Path

Witchcraft, Hermetics
The Hidden Wisdom of the Magical Arts

Kerry Wisner

Deep in the New England forests a stone circle lays hidden, nestled in a clearing high atop a mountain of granite. Formed in the pattern of the many old stone walls which dot the region it is here that the Willow Path emerges from the land itself. In nature there exists an underlying current; a continuity of wisdom and consciousness that manifests in the Magical Arts. 

With roots reaching to Basque Witchcraft, the Willow Path is a form of the Magical Arts that incorporates techniques drawn across the rich tapestry of Western Occult practices. From the oral teachings of traditional Witchcraft, combined with Hermetics, the Willow Path blends these into a cohesive magical practice. Much of this material has never been published as it represents the actual methods taught to the author through personal instruction and intensive training.


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New Edition:


Silent as the Trees

Devonshire Witchcraft & Popular Magic
Black Edition

Gemma Gary

Silent as the trees is a book exploring the old witchcraft, magical traditions and folklore nurtured amidst the village communities, hills, moors and ancient woods of Devonshire in South West England.

In this, her sixth book, Gemma Gary introduces Devon’s witches and magical folk, examining their lives and their magic; from historical figures such as the ‘white witch’ Caulks of Exeter, the Devonshire ‘toad witches’ and an examination of the trial of the Bideford Witches, to more modern practitioners such as the ‘cunning man’ and witchcraft collector Cecil Williamson.

Old stories in Devon tell of the often troublesome encounters between ordinary folk and the world of witchery. These encounters give valuable insights not only into the strange and fantastical beliefs surrounding witches, but also the traditional methods of beneficial magic and ‘counter cursing’ via the experiences of those who sought the aid of the ‘white witches’ and conjurors to lift the maleficia of the ‘black witch’.


Available now to pre-order

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Covid-19 update

Amidst these strange and difficult times, we wish to assure our customers that Troy Books remains fully operational and continues to fulfil orders. We have received updates from our suppliers ensuring us that they are not currently having any issues. Delivery times with UK Royal Mail do not seem to have been affected so your parcels should arrive in around the same time as normal.

As the occultist seeks to make progress despite adversity and find something of value in every difficult situation, we are reminded that esoteric endeavour often makes great use of periods of contemplative retreat and withdrawal from society, making extra space for focused daily meditation, prayer, the study of texts and the practice of ritual, magic and acts of creativity. As we find ourselves forced into retreat and isolation and many of us strive to make the best of a difficult situation, all titles from Troy Books continue to be available to those who might find them of use during this period and we offer our deepest thanks to our wonderful readership for their continued support.

Jane & Gemma

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