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We are an independent publisher specialising in the traditions of operative magic, ceremonial occultism, witchcraft, regional folklore and custom. Our books are presented in formats ranging from unlimited paperbacks to limited edition fine bindings.

Introducing Troy Esoterica; our new outlet for esoteric arts and artefacts including the new talismanic jewellery range by Gemma Gary, and other ritual and magical items and ephemera.

Please also checkout our Redbubble shop featuring artwork and illustrations by Gemma Gary. These are drawn from a number of Troy’s titles and are available as a selection of art prints and other products.

New Title:


Gallowmen and Mandrakes

The occult life of Bob Laurentius Richel

Wilmar Taal

On the first floor of the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle, the Richel-collection stands out through its quality and volume. The former steward of this collection was Amsterdam-based collector and presumed occultist Bob Richel.

Although the collection consisted mostly of works and objects fashioned by his father-in-law J.H.W. Eldermans, Bob was quite an accomplished artist himself. He was skilled in wood working, casting metals but most of all he was a splendid draughtsman. Contrary to his father-in-law, Bob was an artist, he played with layers of meaning, his drawings flowing from his subconscious by starting with a single dot on paper, watching the depiction grow as he proceeds. His works deal with his perpetual fear of a nuclear war, his trauma from World War II, his fascination with the Devil, the dark sides of Roman-Catholicism and of course themes from the occult.

This is the world in which Bob raises his children, makes his art in the early hours and late at night, producing drawings that even have a story to tell in the twenty-first century………

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New Edition:


The Willow Path

Witchcraft, Hermetics
The Hidden Wisdom of the Magical Arts

Black Edition

Kerry Wisner

We are delighted to welcome Kerry Wisner to Troy Books and present the The Willow Path – Witchcraft, Hermetics
and the Hidden Wisdom of the Magical Arts
. The book is the first of a forthcoming trilogy The Geassa, which presents a codification of his training and practice of the Art, focusing on Traditional Witchcraft.

Deep in the New England forests a stone circle lays hidden, nestled in a clearing high atop a mountain of granite. Formed in the pattern of the many old stone walls which dot the region it is here that the Willow Path emerges from the land itself. In nature there exists an underlying current; a continuity of wisdom and consciousness that manifests in the Magical Arts. 

With roots reaching to Basque Witchcraft, the Willow Path is a form of the Magical Arts that incorporates techniques drawn across the rich tapestry of Western Occult practices. From the oral teachings of traditional Witchcraft, combined with Hermetics, the Willow Path blends these into a cohesive magical practice. Much of this material has never been published as it represents the actual methods taught to the author through personal instruction and intensive training. This book discusses:

  • The other worlds and realms employed in the Art
  • The Stang, or Witches Staff, as the tree rising through the Worlds
  • Sun and Moon tides
  • The Witches Foot and elemental forces
  • Tools of the Art
  • Companions of the Art: Familiar Spirits
  • The Miller’s Stone and Cloak of Danu: the use of Numbers, colors and the directions
  • The Wheel of Tlachtga, and much more.

The Willow Path is a culmination of teachings that seek to carry the heritage and wisdom of the Magical Arts forward allowing one to shape reality as one would bend the osiers of a Willow itself.

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News & Events:


New Troy Books Shop

Troy Books now has a physical shop and dispatch office in Penzance a stone’s throw from the towns ‘Holy Headland’ and. Visitors will be able to purchase our books at the shop, along with a number of esoteric and magical items which will be expanded over the coming months.

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