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We are an independent publisher specialising in the traditions of operative magic, ceremonial occultism, witchcraft, regional folklore and custom. Our books are presented in formats ranging from unlimited paperbacks to limited edition fine bindings.

Introducing Troy Esoterica; our new outlet for esoteric arts and artefacts including the new talismanic jewellery range by Gemma Gary, and other ritual and magical items and ephemera.

Please also checkout our Redbubble shop featuring artwork and illustrations by Gemma Gary. These are drawn from a number of Troy’s titles and are available as a selection of art prints and other products.

New Editions:



A Dark Devotional

Val Thomas

This Hallowtide, we are delighted to bring you all a very special new title from Val Thomas: Hallowtide – A Dark Devotional.

Hallowtide: A Dark Devotional explores the sacred days between Hallowe’en and Martinmas. It is a moment of the year which offers a deep well of dark magic. As the leaves yellow and fall, and pavements and forest tracks are covered in fairy gold, much that is strange and disturbing, yet exquisitely beautiful, emerges from the swirling mists. In the darkness, surrounded by the scent of decay, we feel keenly our own mortality and the presence of those who have died recently or long ago: family members, distant ancestors, friends and beloved animal companions. By indulging our emotions at this time, we embrace life with greater intensity. The book casts its spell through personal memories and reflections on joy and loss, woven together with a little of the history and folklore of these holy days. It includes spells, recipes and pathworkings. There are also nine Dark Devotions, powerful, tried-and-tested rituals which can be adapted to suit the tastes of the various streams of witchcraft and magical practice. They are perfect for the dark times but most are suitable for working throughout the year. Beautifully illustrated by Alice Kerridge-Crick, this book will make you laugh, cry, reflect on life and loss and embrace the melancholy of the season while always acknowledging that renewal, growth and blossoming will return.

Paperback and Dust Jacketed Hardback Editions in stock & available to order

New Title:


Spirit Chaser

The Quest for Bega

Alex Langstone

Originally published in 2012, this new edition of Spirit Chaser features a foreword by Ogham Grove author and prolific Glastonbury artist, Yuri Leitch. Plus, a brand-new preface, some amendments and new information by the Author.

Spirit Chaser is the true story of a spiritual quest that turned into an inspirational occult pilgrimage. In June 1989, the author began following a series of psychic messages and significant synchronicity that led him to discover the enigmatic mystery of St Bega, the sacredness of the British landscape and ultimately to experience the divine reality of the Celtic tradition of mysticism, miracles, and magic. Spirit Chaser takes us on a magnificent journey into the twilight past of seventh century Britain and Ireland, and on a contemporary expedition of re-enchantment. This ultimately led into the heart of a modern-day quest, which uncovered the mystery that is the Sancta Bega, the sacred ring at the mystical centre of the British Isles.

“A glimpse into the spiritual worlds that overlay our landscape.” The Whitehaven News

“Well researched. Engaging. Fascinating.”

Special Edition available now to pre-order

New Title:


Under the Dragon Root

A Folk Grimoire of Occult Plant Lore

& Practicum

Corinne Boyer

We are delighted to be announcing Under the Dragon Root – A Folk Grimoire of Occult – Plant Lore & Practicum, this is the final offering in a trilogy by Corinne Boyer.

This long-awaited book brings twenty plants from the Witches’ Garden into the light, along with their accumulated folklore, folk medicine and historical magical uses, particularly from the past three hundred years out of North Western Europe, though some information is much older.

This book brings together folklore and uses of the plants in an inspiring and yet engaging manner. The plants are organized by season similar to the other books, with the author’s own wisdom and personal recipes included at the end of each chapter. Under the Dragon Root has copious footnotes and is exhaustively researched, including source material from fields such as history of pharmacy, grimoire magic, traditional witchcraft, folklore collections from the Victorian era, divinatory methodology and Swedish folk magic…

Special Edition available now to pre-order

New Paperback Edition:


The Book of Talismans

William Thomas and Kate Pavitt

The Book of Talismans, by William Thomas and Kate Pavitt, takes the reader on an expansive journey through the fascinating world of talismans, presenting a detailed investigation into the nature of talismans, their associated powers and the vital roles they have played in civilizations through the ages. The Book of Talismans explores the intricate web of knowledge and mythology that surrounds these mysterious objects, their potential to bring both fortune and calamity and how these enigmatic artefacts were revered, feared, and utilized as tokens of power and protection throughout history.

Originally published in 1914, The Book of Talismans is lavishly illustrated with talismanic imagery. Kate Pavitt (1868-1949) was a member of the Theosophical Society, and William Thomas Pavitt (1870-1937) was a designer and maker of exquisite talismanic jewellery.

Paperback Edition in stock & available to order

New Paperback Edition:


The Book of Witches

Oliver Madox Hueffer 1909

First published in 1909, The Book of Witches represents an intriguing exploration of the witch as a vital archetype, dwelling within humanity’s shadows. Oliver Madox Hueffer (1876-1931) offers an account of ideas and beliefs surrounding witchcraft held in the beginning of the 20th Century and reaches back into prehistory and onward to investigate the origins and meanings of witchcraft, its history, its folklore, its practices and its persecutions, woven through with traditional charms, spells and magical lore.

Paperback Edition in stock & available to order

New Title:


The Art of Conjuration

Creation & Manifestation of Intent

in the Physical World

Oscar Tusk

Conjuration may be described as the expression of willful intent in the Lunar Astral World, causing it to become manifest in the physical world.  This is a complicated process involving access to the Lunar Astral World using a stepwise process in which the Conjuror gradually progresses by demonstrating their competence using a series of passkeys and gestures. The result allows the Conjuror to express their will in a manner in which a series of rules are observed.  (Note that the process of executing passkeys and gestures is often misconstrued as a trance; no trance however is involved in conjuration).

This book explains the cosmology by which this process is possible, specifies the “rules” which govern the process of effective conjuration; it provides examples of successful conjurations, and guides the reader through a successful conjuration.

Available now to pre-order

New Editions:


Through a Glass Darkly

The practice of Catoptromancy
or divination by mirrors in
Traditional Witchcraft

Oscar Tusk

Through a Glass Darkly discusses methods for achieving effective scrying using black obsidian mirrors based upon the practices of the Coven of the Black Sun. In so doing the book examines the basic mechanics for piercing the veil and entering the Lunar Astral Plane where all magic must originate. It is by expression of your wilful intent in the Lunar Astral Plane that manifestation of your intent will occur in the Physical Plane in which we all dwell. Of all the divinatory arts, scrying is perhaps the most effective and versatile, and it is the tool of choice for many Witches, novice and expert alike. For individuals seeking an entry-level explanation of how Witchcraft works, this book reveals a straight-forward path towards understanding scrying.

Paperback and Dust Jacketed Hardback Editions in stock & available to order

New Black Edition:



The Wisdom of the Runes

Andy Mercer

‘Runa – Wisdom of the Runes’ presents what is, without doubt, the most misunderstood, probably the most cynically abused set of runes in the history of runology. The Armanen runes have been ignored by scholars, abused by right wing extremists, and largely forgotten by students of the occult. Nevertheless, the Armanen runes are in many ways the quintessential esoteric rune row. Originally conceived of by the nineteenth-century German mystic Guido von List, the Armanen runes offer us the most esoterically charged futharks ever encountered.

As well as exploring their true history, Runa discusses the deeper significance of the Armanen runes with the intention of returning the runes to their rightful place at the zenith of true runic magic as well as their true meaning as symbols of transformation granting access into the deeper unconscious and what may lie beyond.

Runa examines each rune in detail, before embarking on a detailed exploration of the relationship between the Armanen Runes and Yggdrasil, the Germanic and Nordic world tree directly link the two, in this respect Runa is a unique text, as it is the only text to directly link the two, exploring the importance of this connection, which cannot be overstated.

In stock & available to order

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