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We are an independent publisher specialising in the traditions of operative magic, ceremonial occultism, witchcraft, regional folklore and custom. Our books are presented in formats ranging from unlimited paperbacks to limited edition fine bindings.

Introducing Troy Esoterica; our new outlet for esoteric arts and artefacts including the new talismanic jewellery range by Gemma Gary, and other ritual and magical items and ephemera.

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New Editions:


Through a Glass Darkly

The practice of Catoptromancy
or divination by mirrors in
Traditional Witchcraft

Oscar Tusk

Through a Glass Darkly discusses methods for achieving effective scrying using black obsidian mirrors based upon the practices of the Coven of the Black Sun. In so doing the book examines the basic mechanics for piercing the veil and entering the Lunar Astral Plane where all magic must originate. It is by expression of your wilful intent in the Lunar Astral Plane that manifestation of your intent will occur in the Physical Plane in which we all dwell. Of all the divinatory arts, scrying is perhaps the most effective and versatile, and it is the tool of choice for many Witches, novice and expert alike. For individuals seeking an entry-level explanation of how Witchcraft works, this book reveals a straight-forward path towards understanding scrying.

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New Title:



A Dark Devotional

Val Thomas

This Hallowtide, we are delighted to bring you all a very special new title from Val Thomas: Hallowtide – A Dark Devotional.

Hallowtide: A Dark Devotional explores the sacred days between Hallowe’en and Martinmas. It is a moment of the year which offers a deep well of dark magic. As the leaves yellow and fall, and pavements and forest tracks are covered in fairy gold, much that is strange and disturbing, yet exquisitely beautiful, emerges from the swirling mists. In the darkness, surrounded by the scent of decay, we feel keenly our own mortality and the presence of those who have died recently or long ago: family members, distant ancestors, friends and beloved animal companions. By indulging our emotions at this time, we embrace life with greater intensity. The book casts its spell through personal memories and reflections on joy and loss, woven together with a little of the history and folklore of these holy days. It includes spells, recipes and pathworkings. There are also nine Dark Devotions, powerful, tried-and-tested rituals which can be adapted to suit the tastes of the various streams of witchcraft and magical practice. They are perfect for the dark times but most are suitable for working throughout the year. Beautifully illustrated by Alice Kerridge-Crick, this book will make you laugh, cry, reflect on life and loss and embrace the melancholy of the season while always acknowledging that renewal, growth and blossoming will return.

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New Black Edition:



Andy Mercer

‘Runa – Wisdom of the Runes’ presents what is, without doubt, the most misunderstood, probably the most cynically abused set of runes in the history of runology. The Armanen runes have been ignored by scholars, abused by right wing extremists, and largely forgotten by students of the occult. Nevertheless, the Armanen runes are in many ways the quintessential esoteric rune row. Originally conceived of by the nineteenth-century German mystic Guido von List, the Armanen runes offer us the most esoterically charged futharks ever encountered.

As well as exploring their true history, Runa discusses the deeper significance of the Armanen runes with the intention of returning the runes to their rightful place at the zenith of true runic magic as well as their true meaning as symbols of transformation granting access into the deeper unconscious and what may lie beyond.

Runa examines each rune in detail, before embarking on a detailed exploration of the relationship between the Armanen Runes and Yggdrasil, the Germanic and Nordic world tree directly link the two, in this respect Runa is a unique text, as it is the only text to directly link the two, exploring the importance of this connection, which cannot be overstated.

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New Title:


Eye of the Sun

The Sacred Legacy of Ancient Egypt
Revised and updated Edition

Kerry Wisner

Ancient Egypt has been the singular most important influence in the development of Western Magic as practiced today.  Yet, few people understand the core teachings and techniques of this once great civilization.  Now, more than twenty years after its original publication, this classic work on Egyptian Magic is being made available in a revised and expanded version that is more than double its original size and scope.

Written as an introduction to the religious and magical teachings of ancient Egypt this book presents in depth information drawn from ancient temple inscriptions and papyrus texts, giving descriptions of more than seventy Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, including a list of items sacred to each.  Practical techniques for the consecration of Egyptian tools as well as the preparation of a private temple are presented.  Ancient ritual invocations, spells, and rituals, the preparation of several incenses including the highly prized Kyphi/Kapet, the rite of offering, to the hidden meaning contained in sacred myths are all carefully explained. In addition, two calendar systems which ran concurrently throughout much of Egyptian history are explained with a detailed list of the names of the days and months, as well as more than three hundred festivals.  All material presented is carefully documented with more than four hundred footnotes drawn from over one hundred academic sources.

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New Paperback Edition:


Blackthorn : Whitethorn

Ways of Witchery

Nigel G. Pearson

Drawing particularly on the knowledge derived from the practices of East Anglian Traditional Witchcraft and the author’s own experiences, this book initially deals with concepts of perceived duality within Old Craft magical practice. It then attempts to develop some of the paths the Witch may employ to overcome this impression, with a view to working towards a deeper level of self-knowledge within their Craft. By using the two images of the Blackthorn and the Whitethorn as exemplars of this perceived duality and through working with the Spirits, Virtues and Powers of the Natural world, the author aims to overcome this illusion and work towards the development of the Witch as a whole and complete being. This is ultimately with the intention of gaining Understanding (Illumination), of themselves and their connections within the magical universe. This involves bringing together the Light and the Shade, working through the bright and dark aspects of the magical nature, in an attempt to come to a realisation of the Witch’s true identity.

This is not a book about spells and charms, although you will find them here. This is a book about the Witch themselves; how they may act within their Craft and use it to learn, grow and change. It is a book about gaining knowledge, power, wisdom and understanding from many different quarters of the Natural world, in many different Ways. It is a book about learning of the world of the Witch and their place within it, how they may change and shape it – and themselves – to their betterment and that of the world around them. Above all it is a book about how the Witch may learn about themselves and the connections they have to the magic within, how to bring this out and how to use it.

Blackthorn:Whitethorn may be seen as a continuation of themes begun in two of the author’s previous books, Treading the Mill and The Devil’s Plantation. It aims to  describe Ways and techniques of doing things that enable the Witch to find their own, personal magic and, ultimately, themselves, by developing a level of self-knowledge that comes from solid experience.

This is an accessible and practical book that deals with Tree lore, Divination, Lunar working, Spirit contact, Glamouring, Shapeshifting, the Faerie and Elven realms and Stellar contacts, which aims to give the Witch a deeper and more profound connection with the natural world, the Spirits that inhabit it alongside them and how they may work with these towards gaining self-mastery.

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New Title:


The Witch Cult in Western Europe

A Study in Anthropology

Margaret Alice Murray

In The Witch Cult in Western Europe, Anthropologist Margaret Alice Murray (1863 – 1963) presents her pioneering and seminal witch-cult theory – an enigmatic history of European witchcraft and the rituals, beliefs and practices of an ancient, secretive pre-Christian religion that persisted covertly amidst fierce Christian persecution. The witch cult hypothesised herein unveils an underground and organised old religion, devoted to the worship of a horned god and mother goddess which survived from its pre pre-Christian origins and through the hysteria of the witch trials.

While Murray’s theories of witchcraft as an organised and surviving pagan religion have been discredited by subsequent research, her work vividly depicts the old and widely held beliefs, ideas and traditions surrounding witches which, naturally, may have long informed the operations of individuals and sporadic groups attempting to undertake a practice of witchcraft historically, and into the present. Many of her own more innovative ideas too have been hugely influential and have provided the blueprints to various modern day witchcraft traditions, leading to Margaret Murray being referred to, justifiably, as the ‘Grandmother of Wicca.’

The Witch Cult in Western Europe thus remains a valuable sourcebook for practitioners and students of the witch’s craft today.

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