The Charmers’ Psalter

2nd Edition

Available in the following editions:

All editions: 105mm x 148mm

Paperback Edition: gloss laminate cover

Standard Hardback Edition: a rust coloured case binding in cloth with gold foil blocking to the front and spine, black endpapers, with black head and tail bands printed on 80gsm white paper stock.

Black Edition; a limited edition of 200 hand-numbered examples in Royal format 234 x 156mm, bound in beautifully grained black recycled leather fibers, with black foil blocking to the front and spine, black end papers, with black head and tail bands. 90gsm white paper stock.

Pagination: 120 pages

Introduction and Manner of Use

The Magical Psalms
For the Exorcism & Blessing of the Working Ground
For the Opening of the Rites and Workings of the Wise
For Blessing
In Thanks for Blessings & Answers Received
To Avert Evil
To Defend against Enemies & Return Curses
For Safety Amidst Evil
Against Slander
To Expose Slanderers, Liars and Persecutors
To Undo the Damage Caused by Slanderers
Against Evil, Plotting & Vengeful Enemies
Against Evil Spirits and People
Against persecution
Against Magic
For Peace
For Fear
For Reconciliation
For Joy and to Dispel Melancholy
To Hasten the Healing of the Sick
Blood Stopping
For Broken Bones
For all Physical Injuries
For Aches and Pains
For Aches in the Head or Back
For the Eyes
For Money and Material Needs
Against Poverty
For Success in Business
To be Fortunate
For the Respect of High Persons
For Power
To Cause Love
To Curse Enemies & Oppressors
To Strike Enemies with Terror
For Vengeance upon Enemies
To Punish the Harmful
To Return Evil upon Enemies
For the Destruction of Enemies & Gain-Seeking Persecutors
To Kill Enemies
To Raise Dark Assistance against Enemies

Other Verbal Charms
For Toothache
To Charm a Sprain
For Bone-Setting
For Blood-Stopping
For a Burn or Scald
To Charm Warts
For Illness in General
Against Epidemics
A Witches’ Herb-Gathering Charm for Healing Purposes
A Herb-Gathering Charm for Pimpernel against Witchcraft
A Herb-Gathering Charm for Vervain
A Morning Charm against Thieves & Enemies
A Suffolk Charm Against Thieves
A Scotch Charm to Protect the Household by Night
Protection from Assault
A Welsh Cursing Charm

In October 2013, The Charmers’ Psalter; a book adapted by Gemma Gary from a working collection of magical Psalms, was produced by Troy Books in a limited edition of 250 copies, bound in green recycled leather fibres. Due to the surprising volume of enquiries we have received about this title since it had sold out, the decision was made to release a new, unlimited clothbound edition of The Charmer’s Psalter.

The new edition of the book is in a similar pocket-sized format of 105mm x 148mm and bound in gold foil-blocked rust cloth and printed on 80gsm cream paper stock. The book has been reformatted with slightly larger text for better readability.

The Psalms, mysterious in their origins and possibly far pre-dating their appearance within Judeo-Christian Scripture, have a long history of magical use. We encounter the Psalms within the rites and talismanic magic of the grimoires, and their prolific employment within Charming, Cunning and folk-magical tradition.

Herein the methods of their use are varied and incorporate magical acts of utterance, inscription, bottling, burning, sprinkling, pouring and burial in conjunction with various substances and materials.

Serving a vast array of needs, principally for healing, protection and the averting of evil, but also long employed within acts of cursing, the Psalms are an established feature of traditional operative magic yet also an indicium of engaging with the world of spirit, the divine and the unseen:

“Whilst the traditional magical uses of the Psalms may appear to be almost entirely for the serving of material needs and desires, rather than for purposes of spiritual advancement, they are possessed of great beauty, and in one’s recourse to them in times of distress and great difficulty there is to be attained a moment of contemplative comfort, and an acknowledgement of the immanence of the divine presence; turned to for spiritual strength and assistance.”

(From the Introduction and Manner of Use)

The Charmers’ Psalter is born from a personal working collection of magical Psalms and other verbal charms, here presented in a convenient ‘pocket book’ format (105mm x 148mm), so that it may always be on hand to the contemporary Charmer for reference should need of it arise.

Paperback Edition

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Standard Hardback Edition

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Black Edition

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