The Owl’s Eye

Historical Charms and Spells from
Traditional Fortune Telling Books

The Owl’s Eye is a collection of one hundred and forty two charms, spells and procedures that have been taken out of historic fortune telling books. Fortune telling books have been a part of European and American popular magic since the seventeenth century, with some even earlier examples surviving. Along with traditional fortune telling information such as how to read palms and interpret playing cards, around two thirds of the books also contained divinatory charms and spells. Though some of these are represented in dictionaries of superstitions and different folklore collections, many of them remain unknown and have never before been brought together all in one book for ease of reading.

The dates of the forty books utilized in this work range from 1685-1935 or so. Though the early books referenced for this project all came from England and a few from Scotland, most of the sources (29 out of 40) are actually from the United States, with the earliest being from 1841. These books therefore influenced American folk magic and also contributed to the belief in different superstitions, as many of the books additionally contained various beliefs and omens scattered in numerous sections throughout the text.

Though the charms and spells are mostly divinatory in nature, some of them are protective or warding. Love magic comprises the majority of the spells and rites, there are many dream divinations and numerous manipulative love magic procedures. There are also a handful of graveyard spells that in some way utilized the power of the dead for prophecy. Plant charms abound, using not only common flowers and herbs but also foods and spices, truly showing how folk magical operations use what it is on hand.  The use of human and animal blood also make their way into the charms, at times in surprisingly transgressive operations. Some of the spells are simple and some are complex, but they all form the genre of charms used in popular magic. Because many of the charms were repeated throughout many different books, we can see how influential some of them likely were.

The beautiful cover art of these special books is also shown in photographs to convey a sense of the magic of the times. The end of the book gives a detailed bibliography on each fortune telling book used, its potential availability, a commentary and a list of all that each book contains, which is divided up into common and uncommon fortune telling categories. A short-hand list of charms is also included for each work in the bibliography.

This is a very special book that contains details about folk divinations directly from their sources, with no modern interpretations. The hope is that by bringing these entries out of many old and out of print or hard to find books, that these spells and old ways can be utilized once again by people seeking to know more of the mysterious and veiled pathways, that at once connect us to our past, present and future.

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Standard Hardback Edition; dust jacket with gloss cover – to follow

Special Edition; a limited edition of 350 examples, bound in burgundy cloth, with gold foil blocking to the front and spine, black end papers, with black head and tail bands. 80gsm white paper stock.

All editions are Royal format 234 x 156mm. 198 pages with 34 pages of full colour photo plates.


Charms, Spells and Rites

  • Agnus Day/ Eve Dream Charms
  • A Churchyard Keyhole Charm for a Vision of a Lover
  • A St. Agnus Day Dream Charm with Herbs and Urine
  • Cuckoo Hair Divination
  • Thomas’s Onion Dream Divination
  • Apple and Pins Dream Divination
  • Midsummer’s Eve Turning the Smock Spell
  • Hemp Seed Strewing Divination
  • The Churchyard Sword Divination
  • The Dutch Cake/The Dumb Cake Charm
  • The New Moon Dream Divination
  • The Herb Cake for Dreams
  • Luke’s Day Herbal Wash for Dreams
  • The Peapod Love Divination Charm
  • The Lemon Peel Dream Spell
  • Nutmeg Pills for Prophetic Dreams
  • Valentines Day Bay Leaf Spell
  • Midsummer Red Sage Spell
  • To Make an Enchanted Ring for Love
  • To Make True Love Powder
  • The Mosaick Wand to Find Hidden Treasure
  • A Safe Way to Secure a House from Thieves
  • A Safeguard for All Outbuildings
  • A Safeguard for Orchards, Woodlots, Fields
  • To Drive Away Ghosts or Spirits that Haunt a House
  • To Prevent Witchcraft from Effecting One
  • To Prevent Frightening Dreams
  • To Help a Person Under an Ill-Tongue
  • To Prevent Vermin from Destroying Poultry
  • To Prevent Dogs from Barking at You at Night
  • To Draw Cats Together
  • To Prevent Fleas and Gnats from Biting at Night
  • To Drive Away Mice and Rats from the House or Granary
  • To Prevent Being Robbed on the Road or Having an Accident
  • To Return Stolen Goods
  • To Find Out Who Robbed You
  • Four Spoken Charms from the Bible for Protection
  • The Fasting Charm to Bring True Dreams
  • The Nine Keys Dream Divination
  • The Magic Rose Dream Divination
  • The Acorn Charm for Dreams of Love
  • The Five Talismans
  • A Few Playing Card Charms
  • Two Numerology Methods for Finding Out About a Babies Fate
  • The Love Letter Dream Divination Charm
  • Valentine Blood and Crow Quill Charm
  • The Knitting Knot Charm for Dreams
  • The Mistletoe Potion Spell for Prophetic Dreams
  • The Lent Paper Charm Using Letters and Figures
  • The Blade Bone Love Divination
  • The Bible and the Key to Find Out a Future Mates Name
  • The Myrtle Sprig on St. Catharine’s Eve for Dream Divination
  • The Dream Cake and the Wedding Ring Charm
  • A Blood Spell to Bring a Lover Back
  • The Flower Bouquet Divination
  • Lead Pouring Divination
  • To Divine Your Mates Initials Using Apple Parings
  • A Dream Charm for the Harvest Moon
  • Numerology Love Divination
  • Midsummer Vision Charm
  • Midsummer Ghost Vision
  • The Sieve and the Shears to Discover a Thief
  • The Three Keys
  • Wedding Ring Dream Divination
  • The Thistle Divination
  • Hair and Blood Heart Charm
  • The Charmed Handkerchief
  • The Witch Bottle Love Charm
  • The Spirit of the Well Divination
  • The Egg Dream Charm
  • To Keep Evil Spirits Away
  • Wedding Ring Pendulum
  • Sugar Potion Love Charm
  • To Prepare a Love Potion
  • The Frog Bone Charm
  • Easter Water
  • The Rye Charm
  • The Saucer Charm
  • The Candle and Mirror Divination
  • Nutshell and Candle Divination
  • The Bridge Dream Omen
  • The Hair Spell
  • Egg White Divinations
  • Divination by a Screw
  • Dreaming Bouquet with Pigeon Blood
  • Loves Cordial- A Dreaming Potion
  • The Ring and the Olive Branch- A Graveyard Charm
  • The Witches Chain
  • Dove Heart Wine and Blood Dream Cake
  • Wedding Night Blood Charm for Dreams
  • Strange Bed Dreams
  • Pin and Wart Charm
  • To Know More From A Dream
  • Rose Charm Money Divination
  • Aniseed Charm for Success
  • How to Tell if a Loved One is Slain
  • Using Lead Bullets for Dreams of Love
  • The Needle and Blood Charm for Lovers
  • Pea and Tallow Charm for Testing Love
  • Hare Blood on Parchment for Inheritance
  • The Bean, Pea and Oat Charm to Tell if One Will Marry a Drunkard
  • A Candle Charm to Tell if a Child Will Live
  • A Ribbon Charm to Divine Marriage
  • The Sulphuric Vial to See if One is in Love
  • Bread and Wine Divination
  • The Herb Charm to Make a Man Love You
  • Ram Horn Headache Charm
  • To Make a Tree Bear Fruit
  • Charm to Hinder the Bite of a Mad Dog
  • A Cure for Breaking a Witches Spell
  • Magdalen’s Rosemary Dream Potion
  • A Graveyard Posy for Dreams
  • Dream Charm with Salt
  • Graveyard Yarrow for Dreams
  • Love Presents and Witching Spells
  • Magic Laurel for Dreams
  • Even Ash Leaf Charm for Love
  • The Willow Wand for Visions of Love
  • The Clover of Two Love Divination
  • The Mirror and the Ash Dream Spell
  • Ask an Apple Pip
  • Candle and Pin Love Divination
  • Rose Petal Divination
  • Apple Mirror Vision
  • Christmas Rose Spell
  • Tests and Charms for the Evil Eye
  • How to See Witches
  • Pimpernell Charm Against Witchcraft
  • Shoe Charm Against Nightmare
  • Dreaming Bannocks
  • Maple Robin Blood Dream Charm
  • Dove Blood Coral Dream Charm
  • The Measure Test to See if One is Faithful
  • The Bowl of Fire
  • New Years Berry Love Divination
  • Halloween Cabbage Divination
  • Apple Love Charm for a Dream
  • Four-Leaved Clover Charms
  • Thimble Wish Charm
  • Flower Bundle Dream Charm
  • Orange Peel Dream Charm
  • Christmas Moon Spell

    Appendix A- Bibliography of Chronological Fortune Telling and Dream Books with Charms, including Commentary-

    Appendix B- Additional Bibliography

    Appendix C- Common Categories Included in Fortune Telling Books, Chapbooks and Manuals.

    Appendix D-Short-Hand List of Charm Names and Numbers in This Work

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Traditional Fortune Telling Books

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