Michael Slater

Michael Slater is based in Bristol, UK and has studied extensively the occult history of that region, and has presented talks on the subject for local groups.

He has had other writings published in Cauldron Magazine and Scarlet Imprint  anthology ‘Mandragora’ and was a veteran performer with a Wiltshire group of Mummers for many years.

Promotional video for ‘The Old Women and the Conjurors’ we follow Michael to various locations featured in the book

Troy Books title/s
Michael Slater

The Old Women and the Conjurors

A Journey from Witch Scratching to The Conjurors, and The Southcottian Millenarean Movement of The Early 19th Century

Titles with other publishers:
Contributor to the anthology ‘Mandragora’ published by Scarlet Imprint

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