Oscar Tusk

Oscar Tusk is an Elder and High Council member of the Coven of the Black Sun. The Coven is founded upon the ancient concept that creation is in a constant state of turmoil and shifting balance. We consider this state to be the natural result of the ages-old constant struggle between the Black Sun and the Bright Sun.

Witchcraft figures Prominently in the necessary task of maintaining equilibrium in creation, sometimes adopting the practices of the Black Sun, and other times those of the Bright Sun. Our practices therefore include both left-hand and right-hand pathways of magic.

We approach divination and conjuration in a manner totally unlike most existing styles of traditional craft.

The Coven has a large membership, primarily in the North American Southeast and especially in the region known as Appalachia. We maintain compounds ad lodges in five U.S. States. Oscar maintains a journal which chronicles what it’s like to live in a large compound of Witches.


Troy Books title/s
Oscar Tusk

Through a Glass Darkly

The practice of Catoptromancy or divination by mirrors in Traditional Witchcraft

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