Paull Blakeman

Paull Blakeman, BA, MA, DipPsych

Paull Blakeman is a poet and writer based in Oxfordshire. He started writing poetry and fiction when he was sixteen, beginning with a daily record of his life in a page-a-day diary bought for him as a Christmas present. He later branched out into fiction and poetry, using both as a way of understanding the human experience and the world around him.

He has always had an interest in the Occult since he was young, fascinated by those moments of the uncanny experienced as a child that would not fit the mainstream scientific explanation of how the universe works. His love of classical mythology, nature, and folklore have coalesced into a career writing about the esoteric and mystical aspects of our culture and history.

Over the years he has published pieces in poetry journals, slowly assembling a poetic collection which he hopes to finish in 2023. His first book is ‘The Moon and the Priestess – Accessing the Creative Unconscious with Tarot’s Archetypes,’ in which he applies Jungian psychology to the Tarot deck as a tool for creative and personal development.




Troy Books title/s
Paull Blakeman

The Moon & the Priestess

Accessing the Creative Unconscious
with Tarot’s Archetypes

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