Piercing the Veil

Performing Tarot divination while in the Lunar Astral Realm

Embark on a journey of mystical revelation with “Piercing the Veil: Performing Tarot Divination while in the Lunar Astral Realm”. Oscar Tusk, a seasoned practitioner of the Old Craft, invites the reader to delve into the depths of Traditional Witchcraft and unlock the secrets of the Tarot like never before.

Within these pages, you’ll discover the transformative power of Tarot divination as it transcends earthly realms and ascends to the Lunar Astral. Guided by the profound symbolism of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, you’ll explore the hidden mysteries of the subconscious and navigate the ethereal landscapes of intuition and dreams.

Drawing upon ancient wisdom and modern insight, this book illuminates a path to spiritual ascent through the archetypal images of the Tarot. Paying homage to the creative genius of Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Edward Waite, you’ll uncover the timeless truths embedded within their iconic deck.

Within these pages awaits a journey through the uncharted territories of consciousness, guided by the wisdom of the Tarot and the expertise of a seasoned practitioner. “Piercing the Veil” is your essential companion for unlocking the doors to the Lunar Astral plane and embracing a world of wonder, insight, and transformation. Are you ready to pierce the veil?

Available in the following editions:

Paperback Edition: Gloss with cover, full colour images throughout, printed on white matt coated paper – To follow.

Hardback Edition: Gloss dust jacket with gloss with cover, full colour images throughout, printed on white matt coated paper – To follow.

Special Edition: a burgundy faux leather case binding of 200 examples with gold foil blocking to cover & spine, printed on white matt coated 115gsm paper stock with full colour images, light green end papers, with black head and tail bands.

Size: All editions – 187 x 114mm 164 pages 

Characteristics of Conjured Manifestations
The Upper Room Exercise 
Chapter 2
Cosmology of the Black and Bright Suns 
The Astral World 
Tools and Implements 
Isavey– The Ancient Language of Conjure 
The Ritual Performance of Conjuration 
Preparation for Conjuration 
Return to Physicality 
Variations and Complexities 
The Worlds and Veils of Creation 
Curses and Blessings 
Sympathetic Magic 
Siphoning and Interference 
A Paradoxical World 
How Does Lunar Astral Conjuration Work 
Appendix A – Floorcloth Diagram 
Appendix B – Ritual Guides 
Guide 1 – Elementary Revenge Curse 
Guide 2 – Group Conjuration of Blessing 
Guide 4 – Blessing of Ritual Space 
Guide 5 – Conjuration of Curse for Revenge 
Guide 6 – Conjuration of Blessing for Courage 
Guide 7 – Conjuration of Blessing for Health 
About the Coven of the Black Sun

Paperback Edition

To follow

Hardback Edition

To follow

Special Edition

Please note: this edition is currently on pre-order with signed book plate.

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