The Book of Witches

Oliver Madox Hueffer 1909

First published in 1909, The Book of Witches represents an intriguing exploration of the witch as a vital archetype, dwelling within humanity’s shadows. Oliver Madox Hueffer (1876-1931) offers an account of ideas and beliefs surrounding witchcraft held in the beginning of the 20th Century and reaches back into prehistory and onward to investigate the origins and meanings of witchcraft, its history, its folklore, its practices and its persecutions, woven through with traditional charms, spells and magical lore.

Available in the following editions:

Paperback Edition: gloss laminated cover.

Standard Hardback Edition: bound in a burgundy faux leather binding with black endpapers and burgundy and gold head and tail bands. 80gsm cream paper stock.

Size: 248 x 171mm

Pagination: 252 pages with illustrations.

Chapter 1. On a Possible Revival of Witchcraft

Chapter 2. A Sabbath-General

Chapter 3. The Origins of the Witch

Chapter 4. The Half-Way Worlds

Chapter 5. The Witch’s Attributes

Chapter 6. Some Representative English Witches

Chapter 7. The Witch of Antiquity

Chapter 8. The Witch in Greece and Rome

Chapter 9. From Paganism to Christianity

Chapter 10. The Witch-Bull and its Effects

Chapter 11. The Later Persecutions in England

Chapter 12. Persecutions in Scotland

Chapter 13. Other Persecutions

Chapter 14. Philtres, Charms and Potions

Chapter 15. The Witch in Fiction

Chapter 16. Some Witches of Today

Paperback Edition

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Hardback Edition

£25.00 plus shipping

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