We are pleased to welcome Nicholaj & Katy de Mattos Frisvold to Troy Books, with their new title The Canticles of Lilith.

In The Canticles of Lilith we meet a power that adorns herself in absence, whose true persuasion consist in the cult of reverence and self-deification where this terrible, amoral force finds its apotheosis as the stellar and cosmic root of movement in itself and from this the shadow of all things visible and tangible. Raphael Patai pointed out the remarkable spiritual evolution of Lilith, how she went from being a malevolent storm goddess and a failure in the eyes of Adam, to the bride of Samael, the Queen of Zemargad and Sheba, this she-demon rising to be the consort and secret word at par with God in the Kabbalistic age.

The Canticles of Lilith is focused in following the Lilithian theme with a focus on her ‘atmosphere’ or ‘constellation’ where she is analysed as a vampiric spirit, a Satanic muse, the witch-mother and the very vibrant and erotic word of creation, the holy spirit herself. This wide web of Lilithian analysis gives way for her cosmic dimensions and her various manifestations astrologically, Luciferian, Satanic, as a spirit of illness and of the erotic. The Canticles of Lilith casts a wide web in order to understand this force who rejects worship and thrives in the mystery of gravity and anti-matter.

Available in the following editions:

Paperback Edition; Gloss laminate cover

Standard Hardback Edition; a dark red case binding with silver foil blocking to cover & spine, 90gsm cream paper stock, black end papers, with black head and tail bands.

Special Edition; a black faux leather case binding of 125 copies with silver foil blocking to cover & spine, 90gsm cream paper stock, red end papers, with red head and tail bands.

Black Edition; a black faux leather case binding of 125 copies with black foil blocking to cover & spine, 90gsm cream paper stock, red black papers, with red head and tail bands.

Fine Edition; A Hand bound edition of bound in a red leather with black foil blocking on the leather to the front and spine, housed in a fully lined black library buckram blind embossed slip case. 90gsm cream paper stock.

Size; All editions are 156mm x 234mm.

Pagination; 264 pages.



Lilith: The Witch-Icon


The Lilithian Constellation

Holy Dove of Cosmic Shadows
Lilith and Clerical witchcraft
Lilith and Natural Witchcraft
The Erotic Lilith
The Vampyric Lilith
The Satanic Lilith
The Spirit of Absence


The Atmosphere of Lilith

The Babylonian Witch-wind
The Queen of Nightly Desires
Viscous Beauty and the fascination of disease
The Path of Ecstatic Devotion
The Luciferian Lilith
Via Combusta or the burned path
The Black Moon Lilith in Astrology
Lilith in the Tarot
The Mirror of Lilith 


The Rites of Lilith’s Basilica

The Way of the Black Moon
Evocation of Lilith
A Mirror Ritual
The Rite of Lilith
The Rite of Levanah Keshpah
A Petition unto Mater Nigrum Matera
The Ritual for Breaking the Wings
The Rite of the Horned Moon
A Call unto She who dwells apart
A Call unto Ishara Venus
Opening the Veins of the Viperous Queen


Selected Bibliography


Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold introduces: The Canticles of Lilith

Paperback Edition

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Standard Hardback Edition

Please note: this edition is now sold out, but we will shortly have stock available of the new Dust Jacketed Hardback edition of this book. We are introducing these editions as a replacement for our foil blocked Standard Hardbacks. We will be continuing with our Special Limited Edition books for future releases.

Black Edition

£37.50 plus shipping

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Special Edition

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Fine Edition

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