The Key of Solomon

S Liddell Mac Gregor Mathers

Following enquiries over the years, we have decided to release special limited-edition versions of our Grimoire Series. To celebrate this, we are releasing the next book in the series The Key of Solomon The King (Clavicula Salomonis), translated and edited by S. L. MacGregor Mathers, in special limited-edition along with the previous two books in the series: The Long Hidden Friend and The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage which will be given the same special-edition treatment.

Special Offer: Those who wish to purchase all three copies in special edition will receive a 10% discount on the three books. To receive the 10% discount add all 3 books to the shopping basket and the discount will automatically be applied.

Standard hardback and paperback editions of The Key of Solomon The King will follow.

Our edition of The Key of Solomon The King has been reformatted by repositioning the imagery and creating two indexes of figures – for those that are repositioned and for Mathers’ original plates – for the improved ease of use by scholar and practitioner alike.

Available in the following editions:

Paperback Edition; Gloss laminate cover – To follow

Hardback Edition: a black case binding with copper foil blocking to the front and spine, hunter green endpapers, with green and black head and tail bands. To follow

Special Edition; a green faux leather case binding of 80 copies with gold foil blocking to cover & spine, 90gsm cream paper stock, black end papers, with black head and tail bands.

Size; All editions are 248mm x 171mm.

Pagination;  180 pages.

Preface to the Second Edition

Part One: Genesis of the Runes


Guido von List and The History of the Armanen Runes
Odhinn: The Dark God of the Runes
The Runic Trinity – Odhinn, Vili, Vie

Part Two: The Armanen Runes
The Armanen runes: Their meaning
Defining the 18 runes
The Realms of Yggdrasil
The Nine Worlds
The ‘Nine Mighty Songs’ – the nine bind runes of Yggdrasil
The Runes of Yggdrasil: Odhinn’s journey
(The Bind runes and Yggdrasil)
Yggdrasil – A Jungian Analysis

Part Three: High Rune Magic
The Hammer sign invocation
‘Awakening into the Mysteries’ an invocation of runic power
‘To their power awaken’ – The ritual of the nine nights to follow Odhinn’s journey through the Realms of Yggdrasil

Part Four: Divination and Numerology
Armanen Runic Numerology
Armanen Runic Divination
Additional Armanen Bind Runes

Special Edition

Sold out

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