Little Key of
Rabbi Solomon

Raphael (Robert T. Cross)

The Little Key of Rabbi Solomon, the handwritten manuscript of Raphael/Robert T. Cross (1850-1923) was published in hectographic facsimile in 1897. For the first time since its original publication, it reappeared in 2023 as part of the Troy Books edition of Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis – The Little Key of Solomon. Due to interest in the original hectographic edition, we are pleased to offer this exceedingly rare book, reproduced in facsimile from the only known surviving copy held in Gemma Gary’s esoteric library.

Consisting of a unique iteration of the Ars Goetia and the Ars Almadel with additional magical operations for theft and for love, the hectographic manuscript of Robert T. Cross is reproduced here alongside a full transcript for clarity.

Available in the following editions:

Special Edition: a sewn binding of 250 examples with bordeaux linen cloth covered boards, gold foil blocking to cover & spine, printed on 80gsm cream paper stock with line drawings, black end papers, with gold head and tail bands.

Size: 235mm x 191mm.

Pagination: 210 pages.


The Art Goetia

   Of the 72 Infernal Spirits


   Figure of the Circle

   The Triangle

   Solomon’s Sexagonal Figure & Pentacle

   The Secret Seal of Solomon

   The Brazen Vessel and the Ring

   The Other Materials

   The Conjurations

   The Invocation of the King

   The Chain Curse

   The License to Depart

The Art Almadel

   The Almadel

   The 2nd Chora

   The 3rd Chora

   The 4th Chora


For Theft

For Love

Special Edition

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