Through a Glass Darkly

The practice of Catoptromancy or divination by mirrors in Traditional Witchcraft

Through a Glass Darkly discusses methods for achieving effective scrying using black obsidian mirrors based upon the practices of the Coven of the Black Sun. In so doing the book examines the basic mechanics for piercing the veil and entering the Lunar Astral Plane where all magic must originate. It is by expression of your wilful intent in the Lunar Astral Plane that manifestation of your intent will occur in the Physical Plane in which we all dwell. Of all the divinatory arts, scrying is perhaps the most effective and versatile, and it is the tool of choice for many Witches, novice and expert alike. For individuals seeking an entry-level explanation of how Witchcraft works, this book reveals a straight-forward path towards understanding scrying.

Available in the following editions:

Paperback Edition: Gloss with cover, full colour images throughout, printed on white matt coated paper.

Hardback Edition: Gloss dust jacket with gloss with cover, full colour images throughout, printed on white matt coated paper.

Special Edition: a black faux leather case binding of 175 copies with gold foil blocking to cover & spine, printed on white matt coated 115gsm paper stock with full colour images, gold end papers, with gold head and tail bands.

Paperback Edition: 187 x 114mm
Hardback Edition: 203 x 127mm
Special Edition: 187 x 114mm

Pagination:  112 pages.

Foreword by Iorek Byrnison
Chapter 1- introduction
Prophecy and Divination
Witchcraft and Religion
Qabalah as a Belief System
Cosmology of the Witches
Formation of the Universe
The Creation and Journey of the Soul
The Crooked Path
Chapter 2 – A Brief History of Scrying
Obsidian for Scrying
Chapter 3 – Preparation
The Obsidian Mirror
Cleansing and Preparation of the Mirror
Preliminary Exercises
Chapter 4 – Set Up and Arrangements
State of Mind
Chapter 5 – Entering, Dwelling in, and Departing from the “Lunar Astral World”
The Key of Entry
Entering the “Lunar Astral World”
Dwelling in the “Lunar Astral World”
Entities, Elementals, and Spirits
Departing the “Lunar Astral World”
Chapter 6 – Sigils and Talismans
Planetary Name Sigils
Making a Planetary Name Sigil
Chapter 7– Ethics and Etiquette
Chapter 8 – Divination and Necromancy
Chapter 9 – Conjuration vs. Divination
Chapter 10 – Use of Entheogens for Scrying

Paperback Edition

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Hardback Edition

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Special Edition

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