Under the Dragon Root

A Folk Grimoire of Occult Plant Lore

& Practicum

Under the Dragon Root is the final offering in a trilogy by Corinne Boyer. This long awaited book brings twenty plants from the Witches’ Garden into the light, along with their accumulated folklore, folk medicine and historical magical uses, particularly from the past three hundred years out of North Western Europe, though some information is much older.

This book brings together folklore and uses of the plants in an inspiring and yet engaging manner. The plants are organized by season similar to the other books, with the authors own wisdom and personal recipes included at the end of each chapter. Under the Dragon Root has copious footnotes and is exhaustively researched, including source material from fields such as history of pharmacy, grimoire magic, traditional witchcraft, folklore collections from the Victorian era, divinatory methodology and Swedish folk magic.

This book brings together much rare and little known plant lore, with a particular focus on the poisonous plants typically associated with witches, demons and spirits. Corinne has chosen her favorite twenty garden plants including: wormwood, valerian, poppy, autumn crocus, mushrooms, mandrake, bay laurel, daphne mezeron, hellebore, periwinkle, henbane, angelica, lily of the valley, rue, ferns, vervain, belladonna, aconite, foxglove and thorn apple. There are six appendices that offer detailed instructions and include topics such as the graveyard apothecary, making a root spiritus, making plant charms and powders, and working closely with poisonous plants.  Corinne has been working with plants and herbalism since 1999 and has been teaching and writing full time since 2010.

Under the Dragon Root contains twenty original Medieval woodcuts of the plants and around fifty captivating photos taken by Claude Mahmood. Original cover art by Peter Köhler.

Promotional videos for the first 2 books in the trilogy.

Promotional video introducing Under the Witching Tree and the trilogy.

Under the Bramble Arch – 1 minute promotional video

Available in the following editions:

Paperback Edition; Gloss laminated cover. To Follow

Standard Hardback Edition; a brown case binding with copper foil blocking to the front and spine, 80gsm white paper stock, green endpapers, with green head and tail bands.

Special Edition; a limited edition of 250 hand-numbered examples, bound in Dark Green cloth, with copper foil blocking to the front and spine, brown end papers, with green head and tail bands. 80gsm white paper stock.

Fine Edition; to follow

All editions are Royal format 234 x 156mm. 360 pages with 36 pages of black and white photo plates.


Dried Red Moths
Autumn Crocus

Ashes of the Blessing Crone
Bay Laurel
Mezeron- Daphne  

A Serpents Prayer
Lilly of the Valley

Mother of Witches
Thorn Apple/Datura

A-Root Spiritus
B- Making Powders and the Use of a Mortar and Pestle
C- A Graveyard Apothecary
D- The Art of Charm Making With Plants
E- Poisons in the Apothecary: Practicum
F- A Grimoire of Plant Poisons


Paperback Edition

To follow

Standard Hardback Edition

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Special Edition

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