Under the Witching Tree

A Folk Grimoire of Tree Lore and Practicum 

Under the Witching Tree; is the first offering in a trilogy of books by Corinne Boyer a folk-herbalist known for her work exploring both the traditional medicinal and magical applications of plants and trees which, as Corinne explains in her video introducing the trilogy, are often revealed through their accumulated folklore.

This is a trilogy that guides us into the realms of plant lore, folk magic and folk medicine. The first book, Under the Witching Tree, focuses on the rustic magical traditions surrounding trees from western and northern Europe and north America.

Corinne’s work, backed up by nearly twenty years of experience in the field, is full of information that is today little known, particularly within modern herbalism. This is a book which presents the reader with a wealth of home-spun and very hands-on practices exploring tales, charms, spells, recipes and rites focusing on twenty different trees.


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Available in the following editions:

All editions are Royal format 234 x 156mm. 280 pages with 20 pages of black and white photo plates.

Paperback Edition; Gloss laminated cover. To Follow

Standard Hardback Edition; a Ruby-red case binding with gold foil blocking to the front and spine, 80gsm white paper stock, green endpapers, with green head and tail bands.

Special Edition; a limited edition of 300 hand-numbered examples, bound in Dark Green cloth, with red foil blocking to the front and spine, red end papers, with red head and tail bands. 80gsm white paper stock.

Black Edition; a limited edition of 125 hand-numbered examples, bound in beautifully grained black recycled leather fibers, with black foil blocking to the front and spine, red end papers, with red head and tail bands. 90gsm white paper stock.

Fine Edition; a limited edition of 21 hand bound examples bound in dark green goat leather with gold foil blocking to the front and spine. Each book will have included with it, in a cream envelope, a dried leaf from a Flying Rowan tree, ritualistically harvested by the author in her garden. Flying Rowan trees are trees that have self-seeded up in the branches of other trees and are considered magically to be very potent. This edition will be issued within a fully lined black library buckram slip-case, blind embossed to the front.


The Black Earth Medicines of Autumn

An Altar of Winter Charms
Western Red Cedar

Springtime Forest Rite-

The Deer Sorceress of Midsummer

A: Plant and Tree Visitations
B: Drying and Storing Plants
C: Rendering Animal Fat at Home
D: Infusing Fats/Oils with Plants
E: Making Wine and Mead
F: Making Salves/Ointments
G: Making Elixirs, Cordials and Infused Wines
H: Making Fumigations

About the Author

Specific Recipes and Charms within the Book, created by the Author:
Alder Wood Binding Spell
Alder Elixir
Alder Leaf Wine
Crab Apple Syrup
Wassail Recipe
Birch and Lodestone Love Charm
Birch Healing Poppet
Elder Tree Charm for Second Sight
Elder Flower Ointment
Elder Berry Mead
Hazel Interred Oracular Powder
Hazel Wood Divination
Cutting the Cord- A Holly and Oak Severing Rite
Funerary Fumigation
Pine Bark Elixir
Protective Charm for Newborn Babe or Child
Rowan Hawthorn Berry Spiced Wine
Spruce Tree Ancestor Offering Rite
Winter Forest Balm
Yuletide Spruce Tea
Walnut Leaf Wine
Midsummer’s Eve Walnut Liquor
Western Red Cedar Smudge Bundle
Cedar Tip Solar Infused Oil
Yew Ancestor Talisman
Willow Charm for Turning Back Grief
Witches Fever Break Oxymel
Cottonwood Pain Salve
Divination Incense
Black Earth Protective Powder
Sloe Gin
A Witch Bottle to turn back a Jealous Enemy
Hawthorn Berry Honey
Hawthorn Elixir
Divination by Oak Spirits
Woodwife Ointment
Linden Sweeping Tool
Linden Flower Mead
A Charm to Keep Away Fire

Paperback Edition

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Standard Hardback Edition

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Black Edition

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Special Edition

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Fine Limited Edition

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