A Complete System of Magic

The Manual of a Nineteenth-Century

British Cunning Man

William Dawson Bellhouse

Edited and introduced by

Few examples of the manuals of the 19th century cunning folk survive, although these magicians were very much a vital part of British culture at the time.

This is the grimoire of William Dawson Bellhouse, a cunning man active in Liverpool and Leeds in the mid-nineteenth century who sought to transform lives with electricity and magic.

Enter a world of witch bottles, wax poppets, and spirit summoning…

A Complete System of Magic details practices and methods for such operations as charms, spells and rituals for healing, love, to return things lost or stolen, to discover thieves, protection from evil influences and malefic witchcraft, counter curses, and procedures for the conjuration of spirits and visions. Employed within these acts are such things as talismans, magical characters, words of power and the materia magica of plants and animals. Published previously as part of the Society of Esoteric Endeavour’s superb and highly sought after box set, this second edition by Troy Books features a new introduction, editing and extensive notes by Daniel Harms, along with a new foreword by Dr. Phil Legard.

Available in the following editions:

Paperback Edition: gloss laminate cover- to follow

Standard Hardback Edition: dust jacket with gloss cover- to follow

Special Edition: a limited edition of 175 examples, bound in olive green faux leather, with gold foil blocking to the front and spine, cream paper stock, black endpapers, with green head and tail bands.

Size: All sizes – Royal 234 x 156mm.

Pagination: 222 pages, 80gsm cream paper stock,

Foreword: Dr. Phil Legard

Introduction: William Dawson Bellhouse: Galvanist, Cunning Man, Scoundrel
     The Magical Practices of William Bellhouse
     A Note on Mormon History
     A Note on Other Dawsons and Bellhouses in the Trade

Editorial Notes

A Complete System of Magic
     Consecration of the Crystal
     [Thanks for the Spirit’s Appearance]
     This Discharge
     3. A Discharge
     4. Discharge
     A Charge to Clear a Glass if Hurt Hath Been Done It by Any Seer, & c.
     I A Charge in Full for a Glass
     Additional Charge
     A Discharge
     A Bond for the Crystal
     Another Bond for the Crystal
     A Charge for Light
     A Charge
     For a Vision in the Crystal
     The Prayer
     A Prayer before a Charge
     A Charge for the Crystal
     A Discharge
     Another Discharge
     A Charm for Love
     To Bring Back a Son
     To Guard the (or a) House from Evil
     A Charm for the Tooth Ache
     A Charm to Remove Warts
     Or This
     To Stop Bleeding
     Or This
     For the Cramp
     To Have Your Wish
     A Guard against Evil
     In the Time of Bleeding
     To Cure Burns and Scalds
     To Stop Bleeding
     Against Witchcraft
     The Prayer
     Against Witches, To Be Put in the Doorpost or in the Bedhead of the Person Afflicted
     To Hurt or Destroy a Witch
     Another to Destroy a Witch
     To Be Worn by the Person Bewitched
     Consecration of House of the Afflicted
     Against Witchcraft
     To Wear on the Person Bewitched (Kill) – To Kill a Witch
     The Spiritual Characters of the Planets
     [A Most Powerful Method to Bring Any Person or Thief to Light]
          Prayer First
          Prayer Second
          Prayer Third
     The Wonderful Virtue of Snakeskin
     The Virtue of Vervain
     The Lover’s Ring
     A Charge for the Crystal

Of Occult Philosophy, or of Magical Ceremonies The Fourth Book; Written by Henry Cornelius Agrippa
     The Characters of Good Spirits
     Of Evil Spirits
     The Shapes Familiar to the Spirits of <Saturn>
     The Familiar Forms of the Spirits of Jupiter <Jupiter>
     The Familiar Forms of the Spirits of Mars <mars>
     Shapes Familiar to the Spirits of the <sun> Multiceps
     Familiar Shapes of the Spirits of <venus> Venus
     The Familiar Forms of the Spirit of Mercury <mercury>
     The Forms Familiar to the Spirits of the Moon <moon>
Heptameron – Magical Elements of Peter de Abano, Philosopher
     Of the Circle and the Composition Thereof
     Of the Names of the Hours and the Angels Ruling Them
     [The Names of the Times]
     The Consecrations of Benedictions, and First, of the Benediction of the Circle
     The Benediction of Perfumes
     The Exorcism of the Fire upon which the Perfumes are to be Put
     Of the Garment or Pentacle
     An Oration to be Said when the Vesture Is Put On
     Of the Manner of Working
     An Exorcism of the Spirits of the Air
     A Prayer to God, to be Said in the Four Parts of the World in the Circle
     Visions and Apparitions
     The Figure of a Circle for the First Hour of the Lord’s Day in Springtime
     Considerations of the Lord’s Day
     Considerations of Monday
     The Considerations of Tuesday
     Considerations of Wednesday
     Considerations of Thursday
     Considerations of Friday
     Considerations of Saturday or Sabbath Day
     Tables of the Angels of the Hours, According to the Course of the Days

[A Table of Contents]
The Magician’s Blessing
Form of a Spell
Manner of Baptising in the Catholic Church
Table of Hebrew Letters
1st Samuel Chap. 29th, 9 10 11 Verse
Signification of the Houses
Signification of the Planets or Figures in Each House
     <sun> strong
     <sun> weak
     <moon> strong or increasing.
     <moon> weak or decreasing
     <Jupiter> strong
     <Jupiter> weak but without detriment
     <venus> strong and fortunate
     <venus> weak, retrograde, or combust
     <mercury> strong
     <mercury> weak
     <mars> strong and benevolent
     <mars> weak and malevolent.
     <saturn> weak or in <capricorn>
     <saturn> strong or in <aquarius>
     <caput draconis>
     <cauda draconis>

Manner of Drawing Geomantic Figures
     A Theme of Geomancy
How to Compose an Oration to the Angel whose Assistance You Want
Table of Contents
Platinumed Plate for Galvanic Operations
End notes

Paperback Edition

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Hardback Edition

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Special Edition

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