Alex Langstone

Alex Langstone, folklorist, poet and author, has been fascinated by the innumerable legends, myths and folklore of the Cornish landscape for much of his life. He lives in an old slate and granite farmhouse, tucked away in the lush green Camel Valley, North Cornwall. When not writing, he can be found exploring the hidden valleys, secret coves and haunted byways of the Cornish landscape.


Alex Langstone introduces ‘The Liminal Shore’

Alex Langstone talks about ‘From Granite to Sea’ in various locations around Bodmin Moor

Excellent interview with Karagan Griffith, Alex talks at length about ‘From Granite to Sea’

Troy Books title/s
Alex Langstone

Spirit Chaser

The Quest for Bega

The Liminal Shore

Witchcraft, Mystery and Folklore
of the Essex Coast

From Granite to Sea

The Folklore of Bodmin Moor and East Cornwall

Titles with other publishers:
Menhir – a poetic invocation of the Cornish landscape, Spirit of Albion Books
Lucifer Bridge – Spirit of Albion Book

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