Gemma Gary

Gemma is an artist and writer based in the South-West of England. Her work primarily focuses upon the rites and verbal, inscribed and physical charms of operative folk magic and witchcraft.

Gemma’s published works include:

Traditional Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways; a very personal expression of contemporary witchcraft practice in Cornwall, drawing upon Cornish magical heritage and folklore, in addition to the ways of modern traditional witchcraft:

‘As Gemma Gary says in her new preface, there is no ‘set in stone’ organised witch tradition in Cornwall and folk magic practices have always been unique to their individual practitioners. However in this excellent book she has managed to expertly draw together a workable new tradition from historical sources and the surviving rites, charms and folk customs of Cornwall and the West Country.’ Michael Howard – The Cauldron

The Black Toad, Gemma’s second book for Troy Books, is an exploration of potent magical practices from the far South-West (Devon and Cornwall), as employed in previous centuries as well as in more recent times.

Gemma is currently working on a number of other book projects relating to operative magic, traditional witchcraft, folklore and ancient sacred loci.


Traditional Witchcraft – TWPT Talks to Gemma Gary
Interview with a Cornish Witch

An introduction to ‘Silent as the Trees’ by Gemma Gary

Gemma Talks to Karagan Griffith for ‘On the Blackchair’ about here first book ‘Traditional Witchcraft a Cornish Book of Ways’

Gemma Talks to Karagan Griffith for ‘On the Blackchair’ about ‘The Devil’s Dozen’

Gemma Gary interview with Chris Orrapello on his ‘Down at The Crossroad’ Podcast show, you can listen to the show here.

Gemma’s talk about the use of bones in Magic & Witchcraft at:
AnderidaFest 2018 on Saturday 3rd February 2018 – Southwick Community Centre, Southwick, West Sussex.

Troy Books title/s
Gemma Gary

Traditional Witchcraft

A Cornish Book of Ways

The Black Toad

West Country Witchcraft and Magic

The Charmers’ Psalter, 2nd Edition

The Devil’s Dozen

Thirteen Craft Rites of The Old One

Silent as the Trees

Devonshire Witchcraft, Folklore & Magic

Troy Books title/s contributed to
Gemma Gary

The Long Hidden Friend

John George Hohman, Edited & illustrated by Gemma Gary

Aradia or the Gospel of the Witches

Charles Godfrey Leland, foreword by Gemma Gary

Titles with other publishers:
Wisht Waters – Aqueous Magica and the Cult of Holly Wells, 2013, Three Hands Press

Titles contributed to with other publishers:
Serpent Songs (Anthology) Edited by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, Scarlet Imprint
Hands of Apostasy (Anthology) Edited by Michael Howard & Daniel A. Schulke, Three Hands Press
The Museum of Witchcraft A Magical History (Anthology) The Occult Art Company
Hoofprints in the Wildwood (Anthology) 2011 Gullinbursti Press

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