Zadkiel’s Dream Book


The Popular Fortune Teller

Zadkiel’s Dream book is a divinatory and magical guide of the kind popular in the 19th century with cunning folk, ‘white witches’ and ordinary unmarried maids alike. Within its pages are contained two books, the first of which is The Universal Dream Book by Zadkiel, the pen name of Astrologer Richard James Morrison (1795-1874) who published a popular series of 19th Century predictive almanacs. His Universal Dream Book consists of a useful and extensive alphabetical guide giving the prophetic meanings of oneiric visions. It was thus a handy bedside companion one could consult upon waking to uncover messages and portends conveyed within one’s dreams.

The second book is The Popular Fortune Teller here attributed to ‘The Great Astrologer’ Ebenezer Sibly (1751-c.1799). Herein are presented instructions in the arts of prognostication, prophesy and divination by the reading of facial characteristics, palms, moles, cards, dice, dominoes, birds and beasts, tea and coffee grounds and by pin and tablets.

Presented too are fortunate day’s weeks, months and years, superstitions, the casting of nativities, rules to know the temper, silent language and secret writing alongside a copious collection of charms, incantations and ceremonies for prophetic purposes and spells and bewitchments for love.

Available in the following editions:

Paperback Edition: gloss laminate cover- to follow

Standard Hardback Edition: dust jacket with gloss cover- to follow

Special Edition: a dark green cloth case binding limited edition of 150 examples with copper foil blocking to cover & spine, printed on 80gsm cream paper stock with line drawings, Salmon end papers, with black head and tail bands.

Size: All sizes – Royal 234 x 156mm.

Pagination: 234 pages, 80gsm cream paper stock,

Zadkiel’s Dream Book

Dreams and their Interpretations

The Popular Fortune Teller

Of Physiognomy
Of Chiromancy or Palmistry
Of Moles
Marks, Scars or Moles
Prognostications by Cards
How to Divine by Cards
Curious Games with Cards
Fortunate Days, Weeks, Months & Years
Traditional Observations
To Know your Husband’s Trade
Charms & Incantations
To Cast Nativities
The Way to Get Rich
Divination by Birds & Beasts
Rules to Know the Temper
Charms & Ceremonies
Charms, Spells & Incantations
To Receive Oracles by Dreams
The Silent Language
Secret Writing
Bodily Indications
The Art of Telling Fortunes by Tea or Coffee Grounds
To Choose a Husband by the Hair
Lucky Days Etc.
Love Presents and Witching Spells
New Way of Telling Fortunes by Cards
Heliogabulus’s Magic Tablets
Sibly’s Magic Tablet

Paperback Edition

To follow

Hardback Edition

To follow

Special Edition

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